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Community Grant Program

Ogden Newspapers has established a $1,000,000 grant fund to assist locally owned businesses during this challenging situation.  As a family owned business, we understand what you are going through and have stepped forward to support our community.  


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Ogden Newspapers

Community Grant Program

What you need to know

  •  Open to new business and businesses impacted by coronavirus. Applications must be submitted via our online form below
  • Ad buys can be made from between April 1 and June 30th
  • Grants are available for a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $5000 of matching funds each month

How to Apply

Fill out form below with basic information about your business. Please indicate which Ogden newspaper with which you would like to partner.  Once you submit, your local newspaper partner will be in touch within a few days.

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Community Grant Program


What Drives Us

We are proud of the support our newspapers are able to provide their communities and local businesses. We constantly strive to preserve the best of our newspaper’s century old traditions while adapting to the modern innovations that will help carry them into the future.

Bob Nutting