14 Piece Clothing Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a 14 piece LuLaRoe wardrobe! Enter now through the end of the month. Approximate value $1000-1400.
Winner will receive a selection from every style; dresses, overthrows, skirts, tops and leggings. The wardrobe will be personally styled by Donna and Kirsten Thomas and covers sizes extra small to 3X.

Mountainside LLR

Complete Rules

Open to US residents 18 and up
Winner will be drawn on or about December 16, 2017 and notified via email or phone
Mountainside Clothing reserves the right to use your email address to send you periodic updates about inventory, specials, events, etc.


Kirsten and Donna Thomas are a mother and daughter team of LuLaRoe fashion consultants located in Frederick, MD. They currently run 3 parties a week within their VIP group!

Visit us on the mountain

Stop by during our in-home shopping hours or you can catch us at an event outside of our home!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to stop by our in-home boutique. If shop hours posted do not work for you, we will do our best to schedule a private shopping experience for you!


3414 Basford Rd
Frederick, Maryland
(301) 606-7423

LuLaRoe on the Mountain



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LuLaRoe on the Mountainside VIP Group



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