Congratulations to the winners!

Cutest Cat- XXXX

Human- Caitlin R.
The cat who loves to sleep.

Cutest Dog- Joe

Human- Kaleigh N.
I pulled this neglected, huge, handsome, gentle & perfect pug from a shelter in Orange, VA, for the Pug Rescue I Foster for. Long story short, he had to have both eyes removed a little over a week ago. He is much happier now & even more handsome. He is 40lbs, a gentle giant, and the sweetest thing ever. He has a very loyal following on social media.

Cutest Other- Shadow

Human- Bob L.
The grass must be greener on the other side of the rainbow…

Cutest Odd Couple- Bernie & Max

Human- Joan M.
Best friends

Best Dressed- Mia

Human- Heather D.
Mia loves riding the motorcycle and wearing her gear

Best Smile- Sadie

Human- Amber F.
A 6 year old Beagle mix who loves boat rides.

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