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The Jiffy Preformamax plant plug system is probably today’s most flexible growing system available.

You, the grower, chooses tray and substrate out of the wide range of Jiffy PreformaMAX choices available; making the ‘custom tray-custom substrate’ combination a perfect fit for your operation. Manufactured from the highest quality substrates, held together with a unique binding agent, the Jiffy PreformaMAX plant plug is suitable to work in any highly automated greenhouse environment, without exception.

Jiffy PreformaMAX has a proven track record for many different crops, be it horticultural, nursery, veggie or forestry applications, seed or cuttings, these plugs are saving you time and money each and every time.


Labor Savings

Flexibility with:
Trays, Cell Sizes, Blends and Dibble Types

Quicker rooting

Ready to Use

High Porosity

Uniform substrate

You are in control choosing your favorite tray, you are in control choosing the media, Jiffy PreformaMAX is ready to go upon delivery, right off the pallet the product arrives on. It cannot get easier than that.

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